Silent Hunter 4: Hints How To End Mission

If it's your first time playing Silent Hunter 4, here are hints on how to end missions. Sometimes, it can look like you have completed all of your objectives, but the missions just won't end. No matter what you do, it seems like the mission just won't end. It is enough to make you want to quit the game altogether.  Before you do, try these steps.

  1. Be sure you are reading all of the mission requirements. Yes, you have to kill all of the enemies in the area, but you also have to be sure that you have met the distance and time specs of the missions. Yes, it is annoying when a mission has a three to four day time tag, or 250 km minimum attached to it, but if you want to end the mission, you are going to have to meet that requirement.
  2. If you have met all of the visible mission specs, you will also need to check the hidden ones. You can find these in the .cfg files for the mission. You will find these files in the program files of your copy of the game on your C drive. Here you may find  hidden time or distance minimums attached to the mission you are playing.
  3. Hit the waypoints. Some missions will not be technically complete until you make it to the closest waypoint. If you are sure that you have met all of the specs for the mission, and you are not complete, head to a waypoint and see if the game credits you with the achievement and gives you new orders. If, once you get there you are still not complete, grab your binoculars and zoom in, and then out again. The star should gray out for you, and the mission ends.
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