Silent Hunter 4 Wolves Of The Pacific Cheats

Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific Cheats makes the game easier to play and reduces the struggles you face as you progress through the game. It is a computer game that was released by Ubisoft Romania in 2007. It is a submarine simulator and supports both single player and multi-player play.  Silent Hunter 4 Wolves of the Pacific focuses on the 3D graphics that place you in a World War II submarine environment. You choose the realistic and challenging aspects of the game. The different difficulty levels allow you to designate the radar, sonar, torpedo and trigonometry of submarine operation.

  1. Cheats for Silent Hunter 4 Wolves of the Pacific are not supported in multi-player mode. Multiplayer mode allows you to play online as you command various Japanese destroyers against the United States submarines. Up to eight players can play in each server in the scripted and generated missions. You choose from the class S, porpoise class, salmon, sargo, tambor, gato, balaco, German or type XVII submarines in gameplay.
  2. U-Boats are introduced. Ubisoft decided to add more focus to the German campaign through U-boats. It is set in the Indian ocean and allows you to have an advantage with system and map upgrades.
  3. Set the Renown. As you play, Silent Hunter 4 Wolves of the Pacific cheats may help you get past certain campaign objectives that are too difficult to pass after multiple attempts. Set your renown by entering the "Documents" folder in your game's installation folder. Navigate to "SH4\DataCFG\Save Games\00000000\" and open the file "Career Track" with a basic text editor. Change the line titled "Player Current Renown" and put the amount of renown you want to start your game with. It gives you an advantage in the game since you start with more. Choose a higher number for a large advantage or slightly for a difficulty that challenges you, but gives you a slight break on difficulty for Silent Hunter 4.
  4. Smiley Faces on Radar.  Another modification, but not exactly a cheat for Silent Hunter 4, is to change to smiley faces on the radar by opening it and pressing "STRG." Contacts will appear on your radar as smiley faces.

Using these strategies and tips for Silent Hunter 4 ensure your gaming experience is more enjoyable and you may also find yourself playing Silent Hunter 4 without the frustrations facing you every time you play.

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