Silent Hunter 5 Cheats

Are you looking for "Silent Hunter 5" cheats? "Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic" is a simulation game based on the German U-Boats of the World War II era, placing the player as a captain of the submarine. It was released for the Microsoft Windows platform by the Romanian section of Ubisoft in the summer of 2010. Cheats for the game can be accessed as part of a download, called a trainer. Unfortunately, this is not a free program, costing about $5.00, but it does allow players a bit more customization in regards to the game.

In order to gain access to the "Silent Hunter 5" cheats, you will need:

  • a computer
  • a copy of "Silent Hunter 5"
  • the downloaded trainer program
  1. First, you will need to purchase and download the trainer program and install it on your computer. There are two available depending on the updated version of your game. You will need to know the version in order for the correct program to work.
  2. Launch the trainer program, then start the game. At the menu screen, press the F1 key. You should then an "activated" confirmation. The numberpad keys (1-5) activate the cheats. You will need to have the numlock on your keyboard turned on in order for this to work.

The cheats are:

  1. Auto Repair – When the sub is next repaired, all of the subsystems will also be repaired.
  2. Renown – Allows for the upgrading of the sub when it arrives in port.
  3. Promotion Points – Used while in crew management, allows the player to upgrade their crew members to make them perform better
  4. Deck Gun Ammo – Allows for more ammunition for the deck gun
  5. Torpedo Reload – Allows the torpedos to shoot sooner

Using these "Silent Hunter 5" cheats will help players win the battle against the Allies, as well as keeping their ship and crew at peak performance.

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