Silent Hunter III Cheats

Need Silent Hunter III cheats? In the world of submarine simulation games, there are very few as good as Silent Hunter III- there are also very few as difficult. Silent Hunter III is a very popular game, and many people still need cheats to push them over the hump of the game's difficulty and send them to victory. Sadly for gamers, Ubisoft only included one possible cheat in Silent Hunter III. If you need more, you can download one of the games many mods or trainers, but this cheat may be enough for you to get what you want. Remember, you'll need to be in base after or before a mission for this Silent Hunter III cheat to work.

  1. Back it Up. In order to use this cheat in Silent Hunter III, you'll be editing a file that is very important to the stability of the game. So navigate to the "\sh3\data\cfg\careers\" folder and find the folder with the same name as the career you are currently using. Inside this folder, there is a file named Patrols_0.cfg. Make a back up of this file, and then open up the original in a text editor like Notepad.
  2. World Renowned. Now scroll down to the part of the file that shows you the details of the last mission you completed. There is a line titled DeltaRenown. If you change the numbers in this line, you can change the amount of renown points you were given for completing your last mission.
  3. Hunt Silently. Now start the game up and load your save game. You'll see that you now have more than enough points to spend on whatever upgrades and subs that you can possibly desire. Your enemies won't know what hit them!
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