Silent Hunter Wolves Of The Pacific Cheats

Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific cheats are a way to make the game more fun, and more enjoyable especially if part of the game proves to difficult. However the makers of Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific left out in-game cheat codes. Fear not, the ability to modify files has left users with the ability to set how much renown they wish to start the game with. Keep in mind if modifying a file to back it up in case of a mistake being made.

  1. Start the game, and type in your characters name after this is completed exit the game before leaving the port.
  2. Go to the folder where you game is saved. Generally it is located where ever you saved the game to on your computer, then you go to “SH4\DataCFG\Save Games\00000000\" folder
  3. Use a text editor like "Notepad" in order to open the “Career Track” file
  4. Go to the “Player Current Renown” and put in “5000000000.00” or any other number that you wish to make, and you will now have that much renown to begin the game with.

Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific is a fantastic game to play, and it is a lot of fun. This cheat opens up a lot of new doors, and makes for a more casual play through. This is the only known cheat for the game without having to download an extra add-on for the game. While it does consist of editing a file, the basis of the edit is very straight forward and should not be a problem for any user of the Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific.

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