Silver Jewelry Chains For Men: 5 Types

Silver is hot right now, so why not pick up one of the 5 types silver jewelry chains for men. Wearing one of these chains will make a man feel good about himself.

  1. Figaroa Chain.  This is a really manly looking silver jewelry chain. The pattern on this type of chain is an two oval links connected by three circle links. These chains usually come in sizes from seven to thirty inches long. This chain looks good with both professional and causal clothes.
  2.  Herringbone Chain. This is one of the most popular type of chains for me. This type of silver jewelry chain looks like a sleek pieces of smooth and flat silver. The silver herringbone chains come in a variety of widths and lengths. These type of chains look best with dressy clothes.
  3. Box Chain. This chain is formed when very small silver boxes are put back to back against each other. Men like these type of silver jewelry chains because they are very strong and durable. These type of silver jewelry chains are great for putting a charm on.
  4. Rope Chain. This chain looks like rope; hence its name. Like the box chain it can be used to hold charms. However, many men prefer wearing the chain alone. Standard sizes for rope chains are seven to thirty inches.
  5. Snake Chain. This men's silver jewelry chain catches the eye very quickly. This chain is cylindrical and smooth. This chains look great with formal clothes. These chains usually come in widths of one to two millimeters. Men with larger necks usually like to get a large millimeter  snake chain.
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