The Sims 2 Cheats

Looking for The Sims 2 cheats? Luckily, The Sims 2 has an ample supply of cheats at the ready, and we've got a good batch of them. The Sims 2 is a computer strategy game developed by Maxis back in 2004. It's cheats are numerous, so let's get down to the nitty-gritty of it, shall we?

  1. Greed is good. No this isn't "Wall Street", but it's possible to get good money from The Sims 2 cheats, you just have to know which to type in. Open up the cheat input screen ("Ctrl" + "Shift" + "C") and type in "Kaching". You'll have 1,000 Simoleans immediately. Nice!
  2. Greed is great. Like to cheat on the highest level? Let's just say, 1,000 Simoleans might just not satisfy your financial needs at this point. Type in "Motherlode" in the cheat box to get a whopping 50,000 big ones. You like that you greedy gamer, you?
  3. The Fountain of Youth. Ponce de Leon would be envious. Press "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "C" then type in "Aging off". You can always replace that with "Aging on" if death starts to seem attractive to you at some point in the future.
  4. It's a fine day. Hate your neighbors? Join the club. Lucky for you, these The Sims 2 cheats can fix that problem for you! Type in "deleteAllCharacters" to get rid of all Sims in your neighborhood.
  5. No more bills: forever. That's right, let's just not pay the bills, shall we? In the 'build mode' of The Sims 2, go ahead and remove your mailbox. No more mailbox, no more bills. Now if only real life worked like that.
  6. A dwarf among midgets. Be tall, or at least feel tall. Type "StretchSkeleton [Number]" (remove the brackets) to make people really tiny, or really big; it really depends on the number you choose. The number "1" is considered normal size.
  7. Take is slow, baby. Slow down those busy Sims why don't you? Come on, those poor guys only live for a few hours, why not elongate things? Type in "slowMotion [Number]" to take things easy for a while. Your "[Number]" must be 0 through 8 (zero being normal).
  8. Two is better than one. Ever wanted twins for babies? Well in The Sims 2 you can. Type "twinsr2cute" or "twinzr2cute" to get two babies instead of one! Hope that job pays good Simoleans, new parent.
  9. Ludicrous efficiency. Well, not necessary ludicrous, but still efficient. Type in "Vsync on" to make performance better in The Sims 2. Unfortunately, this also makes things more prone to glitches. If you grow tired of this cheat, type in "Vsync off".
  10. Old school. As a fun cheat, you can make things a little 'older' looking. After bringing up the cheat screen type in "filmGrain" to make things grainy. This isn't useful, but definitely amusing.

There are lots of cheats for The Sims 2, and some of them are more interesting than others. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy The Sims 2 cheats, and don't spoil the fun of the game with too much interference!



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