Sims 2: How To Get A New Location

If you enjoy simulation games, you may be wondering, "Sims 2: How to get a new location?" To open up new locations in The Sims 2, all you need to do is meet each level's goals. After doing so, your Sims family is free to move into a new and better home. Keep your Sim moving up the career and social ladder, and you just might move them into a mansion.

  1. Open Shoreline Trails. To open the Shoreline Trails location, have your Sim take a shower, then use the trampoline behind the house. Talk with your roommates, and make friends with at least one. Take out the garbage, then buy one object from the catalog that costs at least $500.
  2. Open Cliffside Retreat. Fulfill all of the gold goals listed on the "Goals" page, then beat your roommate Torin at foosball. Buy the foosball table, then call Torin over to play with you. You do not actually play; your Sim wins at random.
  3. Open HMS Amore and Mesa Gallery. Complete Isabella's gold goals by renovating the kitchen with new furniture and food sources. Cook a meal, then feed your roommates. HMS Amore is now open. To open Mesa Gallery, have Hector play spin the bottle, then get in a hot tub with three Sims.
  4. Open Sunset Canyon. Become very good friends with your roommate, then propose to him or her. If they accept, you become married, opening the next area.
  5. Open Tranquility Falls and The Orbit Room. Get Helga, your roommate, to fall in love with you, then cuddle with her in a bed. This opens another Tranquility Falls for your Sim. To open The Orbit Room, make Billy become an enemy to Helga, then throw a party.
  6. Open Jugen House. Have Larry make a computer game, fill his fun requirement, and make a disgusting meal. Give the meal to another Sim to unlock the next area.
  7. Open Bio Dome and Andromeda Arms. In The Orbit Room, buy a telephone and throw a party to unlock the Bio Dome. To unlock Andromeda Arms, fulfill all of XHT-F's gold goals.
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