Sims 2: How To Win King Chug Chug

If you play The Sims 2 for GameBoy Advance, you might need to know how to win King Chug Chug. King Chug Chug is a minigame that can be unlocked after the main game is completed. Earning additional personality and hotness points lets you play higher levels of the game. If you cannot figure out how to win King Chug Chug, all you have to do is dodge obstacles and keep your can of Chug Chug cola from exploding as you run.

  1. Run away from King Chug Chug as fast as you can. To run, press the "A" button repeatedly. If you do not push the button fast enough, King Chug Chug will catch you, ending the minigame.
  2. Keep your Chug Chug cola can from bursting. As you run, the can of Chug Chug cola you are carrying builds up pressure. Eventually, it begins to glow red, indicating that it is about to explode. To stop this from happening, press the "Down" button on the control pad to drink the soda. If the can explodes, the minigame is over.
  3. Dodge obstacles to keep King Chug Chug from catching you. If you trip over any obstacles, such as cola crates, your character slows down quite a bit. This can cause King Chug Chug to catch you. When encountering an obstacle, press the "Up" button to jump over it.
  4. Unlock more levels of the game. To get higher levels, score at least 60 points on the previous level. To open level two, you need one hotness point and one personality point. For level three, get four hotness points and two personality points. Level four opens after getting two personality points and four hotness points, and the final level unlocks when you have five hotness points and three personality points.
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