Singapore’s 10 Best Brothels

Singapore is a land full of hot chicks from all over Asia and Eastern Europe, and these, Singapore’s 10 best brothels, are the place to meet and get intimate with them!

  1. Orchard Towers. Undoubtedly, this is the most famous place to get laid in Singapore. Known for its “four floors of whores,” it tops our list of Singapore’s ten best brothels.
  2. Top Ten. A brothel located in Orchard Towers, Top Ten stays true to its name with some of the hottest “top ten” Asian women you’re likely to find gathered in one space in any country.
  3. Ginivy’s. It might seem a bit out of place, but the country western decor of Ginivy’s gets our vote for one of the strangest, and best, brothels in Singapore.
  4. Club 777. Beautiful women from all over Asia can be found at Club 777.
  5. Makita City. Makita City is probably the best brothel in Singapore for girls from the Philippines.
  6. Peyton Place. Peyton Place also gets high marks for Filipino women. It is located in the famous Orchard Towers building.
  7. Crazy Horse. This is Singapore’s best brothel for fans of lady boys.
  8. The Blue Banana. Located in the basement of Orchard Towers, the Blue Banana is a good place to go to on Sundays.
  9. Naughty Girl. This is Singapore’s best brothel for rock n’ roll fanatics; live bands are often featured on-stage, and the girls go-go dance all night long!
  10. Crazy Horse. The catwalk and pole-dancing area are a great place to see the girls in action before picking your sweetie of the night.



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