Single Action Revolvers

Single action revolvers have been around since the invention of the firearm. In fact, the very first revolvers were single action only. Their popularity continues to this day because of increased interest in cowboy shooting, unparalleled safety, and they fact they are just plain fun to shoot.

  1. Taurus Gaucho: Chambered in .45 Colt, the Gaucho starts us off among good single action revolvers. In Brazil where Taurus firearms are made, gaucho means the same as cowboy here in the US, and this beauty look like it would be perfectly at home on the South American pampas or the US plains.
  2. Colt Cowboy: Grab this modern equivalent of the famed Single Action Army, better known as the Peacemaker and let the time warp begin. This throwback to the Wild West can be picked up in .45 Colt, or special ordered in .44-40. After picking one up, I immediately felt possessed by the spirit of Billy the Kid.
  3. Single Action Model 1: Smith and Wesson have for the most part left single action revolvers to other manufactures. But in times past they produced some models that still garner respect, the  Model 1 being the gun that introduced the .32 S&W. While the gun is now considered a curio and relic when available, the .32 S&W round it spawned lives on.
  4. Single Action Revolver: At U.S. Firearms, the legend is quite alive and well with their own signature single action. Even though they don’t have the longevity of the other manufactures on this list, they have faithfully duplicated the revolvers of yesteryear, and their tremendous popularity at cowboy action shooting events is a testament to their quality. The will custom make a single action in your choice of caliber, finish, barrel length, and grip.
  5. Ruger Single Six: This beauty .22 rimfire holds a special place in many a shooters heart. Accurate, inexpensive, reliable, and fun, this was the weapon that most people that shoot first picked up and learned on. In many families, a tradition and rite of passage is when the father passes the Ruger to his children when it’s time for them to learn how to shoot.
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