Sirius Radio Stations

Are you wondering which Sirius radio stations are the best? The best ones actually depend on what type of music or entertainment you like. There are more than 180 stations that cater to music, sports and entertainment. These stations can be played on your computer or electronic device as well as in your automobile. Here is a brief look at some of the most popular Sirus radio stations

  1. The Blend. This is station is located on channel two and is available online. It caters to lite pop hits.
  2. 80’s on 8. This station caters to the music of the eighties. They even feature a weekly countdown show that occurred previously during that decade. It is located on channel eight..
  3. The Highway. This station is dedicated to "new" country. If you like to hear some of the new country hits before they are playing on your local country radio station, this may be the station for you. It's located on channel 60.
  4. MSNBC. Do you fear you may be missing the latest news while you are on the road or at your computer working?  Have no fear; this radio station covers what is currently going straight from the news desk over at the MSNBC studios. It is located on channel 90.
  5. Howard 100. Want to hear what Howard Stern has to say? Tune on to channel 100.
  6. Blue Collar Radio. Want to laugh your way to work? Tune on to channel 103 for some comedy.
  7. Martha Stewart Living. Need some tips on how to plan your next dinner party or how to grow your garden? Tune to channel 112 and see if Martha Stewart is offering any advice that can help you.

Yes, Sirius radio stations have all the information, music and entertainment you may need. Plus, there are new stations being added all the time.

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