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If you are in search of the best sites like Hulu, read on. Hulu is arguably the most popular streaming television site on the internet. Internet television and websites like Hulu that provide them are growing as technology improves for streaming television. The sites provided below are rivals to Hulu and provide similar services.

  1. SurfTheChannel pulls in streams from all over the internet, including Hulu. This website is the next best thing and is considered in some circles as a mirror site. SurfTheChannel offers streaming television from all the major networks, international channels and some replay content of shows playing on pay-to-view channels such as Showtime.
  2. SideReel also offers links to streaming video content and Hulu. The content provided is an aggregate of popular past and present episodes of mainstream television. SideReel provide a free movie of the week and insides to your favorite shows and characters. The site is very user friendly and is free of spam, cookies and other nastiness.
  3. offers a host of shows for you to stream for free. The media you use is open, too. Telephone, PC, Mac or iPod can all work here. Catch up on your favorite shows, oldies (like "The Twilight Zone"), snips from HBO and Showtime, as well as full length features. The feed is great and the clarity beautiful.
  4. World Wide Internet Television is a serious television fix coming to you in multiple languages. This site offers television from around the world in English, either subtitles or translated. You can watch movies, sports and other points of interest on this streaming television site as well. If you ever want to see television from around the globe, this is the place to do it.
  5. Straight from the source. The three major networks use their own players to stream content. The official websites for each network  is a great place to visit to get your television fix. All TV networks just about offer this type of content. This is a great place to catch up on those episodes you missed.
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