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There are many sites like YouTube, but only a few are worth tuning into. YouTube plays a variety of user submitted and member submitted uploaded video covering the gamut of genres and flavors. Many sites offer similar venues but many specialize in certain criteria. YouTube is an almost no holds barred site for video dumping.

  1. Daily Motion Daily Motion is perhaps the closest and best friend to YouTube. Boasting user uploads of a variety of videos and some more risqué offerings as well. From music videos, to shows, to movies and homemade videos, Daily Motion is your daily fix for videos. To locate, simply search Daily Motion through your favorite browser.
  2. brings the freshest videos on the net. All the falls and face plants and mayhem in one local for your laughing pleasure. There is of course so much more to this site as well. If you are in search of a good laugh or some hair raising entertainment then tune in.
  3. Metacafe This site brings everything together in one place. Metacafe offers member videos, TV, movie trailers, sports, music and plenty of mayhem and bloopers. The site is ultra friendly and the videos stream quickly and effortlessly. There is also a section for gamers, truly a wide open media outlet for videos.
  4. Veoh Veoh offers a huge selection across all the major media viewing opportunities; music, TV, movies etc. The easy to search pull downs make looking for your entertainment simple. Veoh allows you to log in and create your own channel to store your favorites and will offer suggestions to similar content. This is a great ‘like YouTube site that offers a variety of outlets.
  5. Truveo This YouTube wannabe provides a vast menu of topical videos. They are placed in categories for you to cruise and pick and chose from. Most any content can be searched for and downloaded from Truveo. This is perhaps the most wide cataloged site offering health, technology and other ‘education’ videos and other content to assist in daily living.
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