Skate 3 Cheats

Try out these "Skate 3" cheats when you are looking to just fool around in the game. "Skate 3," developed by EA Black Box, refines the skate series even more with tightened double-stick control and many more moves. "Skate 3" is a very fun game on its own, but these cheats make the game even better. Most of them just involve a small graphical change, but some of them are actually helpful for practicing the game or resetting ridiculous spills. To enter these "Skate 3" cheats, go to the "Extras" option on the main menu, then click "Enter Cheat Code." Simply enter the cheat and it will activate.

  1. Tiny mode. Tiny mode makes all the characters tiny, except for their heads, feet and arms. This "Skate 3" cheat makes for some hilarious crashes. To enter the code, type in "miniskaters" in the cheat menu.
  2. Physics reset. This "Skate 3" cheat will reset any object that you accidentally smashed through, such as garbage cans. This is a great cheat for when you just want to see your skater crash through stuff over and over again. To enter this cheat, put "streetsweeper" in the cheat menu.
  3. Hoverboard mode. This "Skate 3" cheat will remove the trucks and wheels from the bottom of your skateboard, making it look like a hoverboard from "Back to the Future." This cheat is activated by entering "mcfly" in the cheat menu.
  4. Play as Isaac from "Deadspace." Being the developers for both "Deadspace" and "Skate 3," EA decided to put in a cross-game cheat. This cheat will turn your character into the main character from "Deadspace," Isaac. This code is activated by entering "deadspacetoo" in the cheat menu.
  5. Zombie mode. Everybody loves zombies. This "Skate 3" cheat will make all NPC's behave like zombies and attack you, as well as put a zombie film visual filter. Zombie mode is activated by entering "zombie" in the cheat menu.
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