Skeletal System Diseases

Skeletal system diseases can affect any one of the 206 bones in your body. Your skeletal system supports every organ in your body by providing movement, protection and strength. If a disease attacks this system, there can be devastating consequences. Here is a look at four diseases that damage your skeletal system.

  1. Osteoporosis: This disease affects men and women in their middle years. Osteoporosis is a condition that causes weak and brittle bones. People with low bone density are at risk for developing this skeletal system disease. It also affects those who take certain medications or have a family history of bone conditions. People usually won't know that they have the disease until they break, injure or fracture a bone. A bone density test is performed at that time. It's also recommended that people over 50 have bone density testing completed. Although this disease is irreversible, it can be treated with calcium supplements, exercise and certain medications.
  2. Paget's Disease: Some skeletal diseases are hereditary. Paget's disease affects both men and women. It's more commonly found in the elderly. This disease is characterized by large, weak bones. It can develop in the skull, spinal and pelvic bones. Treatment includes medication, exercise and healthy diet.
  3. Osteocarcinoma: Skeletal system diseases that cause cancerous lesions on the bones include osteocarcinoma. Tumors form on the bones of young people between the ages of ten and 25. People with this disease may require a year or longer of treatment. It affects both sexes and requires chemotherapy or surgery.
  4. Ewing's Sarcoma: A devastating bone disease that affects the system's bone marrow is Ewing's Sarcoma. This condition strikes the bone marrow of younger patients. It stores and provides nutrition for the bones and blood cells. Diseases such as leukemia, anemia and Ewing's Sarcoma destroy bone marrow. Bone marrow transplants and special medications are usually the best ways to treat these types of skeletal diseases.
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