Skidpad Water Skiing Tips

These skid pad water skiing tips will keep your non-skid pads in top condition as well as teach you how to remove them to change out your bindings. Skid pads on a water ski are important because they eliminate any skid or slipping of the bindings. Being that water skiing can be brutal on rubber parts, especially in salt water. Check out these simple steps in keeping your skid pads looking sharp.

  1. Clean your skid pads often. Using a mild detergent and a soft cloth, wipe down the skid pad at the end of each day of use. Do not use an abrasive or harsh chemical based cleaner as you do not want to degrade the rubber or harm the finish on the water skis.
  2. Examine your skid pads often. At least monthly, visually inspect your skid pads. You are looking for areas of dry, brittle or cracked rubber. You will want to also look for areas of stress of damage through use and standard care.
  3. Provide some tender loving care. Consider treating the rubber skid pads as you do the rubber on your car. The same type cleaner is non-abrasive and not a harsh chemical. It will work nicely in protecting, preserving and beautifying your skid pads.
  4. Removing your skid pads safely. If it comes down to it and you need to replace your skid pads, follow this simple process. Use dental floss and place it just under the skid pad. Working back and forth saw your way between the rubber skid pad and the ski. Once removed clean with a mild detergent.


Note: Caring for your rubber skid pad is important as it maintains your safety and stability on the water ski.


There is no article to write about tips on skid pads (water skiing or not), they fit under the binding to keep the foot from slipping. I can’t make that 250 words without 239 words of fluff and pointless garble. Tips on caring for them, yes. Please reject again so i can put this back in the pool. Thanks!

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