Skills To Put On A Resume

Learning which skills to put on a resume requires an understanding of the job you are applying for. The skills to put on a resume should match up with the kind of skills that the employer will be needing. There are several skills to put on a resume that apply to any situation, and understanding how to use them can help you to get the job.

  1. Computer skills. This is one of those skills to put on a resume that almost any employer will want to see. Include the popular programs that you are fluent in such as word processors, spreadsheets and any contact management software. List the various kinds of Internet browsers, operating systems and email platforms that you are familiar with as well. These are the kinds of skills to put on a resume that some people take for granted, but employers need to see.
  2. People skills. When you create your people skills to put on a resume, make sure it is specific to the job. For example, working well in a group may not mean a whole lot to an employer looking to hire someone who will primarily be working on his own. Avoid cliche phrases such as "works well with others" or "is a good people person." Be specific in your people skills and offer value to the employer.
  3. Managerial skills. Even if you are not applying for a management position, be sure to list any managerial skills you have acquired over the years. These skills can include personnel scheduling, team or project leader and delegation of job duties. Hiring managers like to see which candidates they may be able to count on to reduce some of their workload over time.
  4. Administration skills. Not everyone is cut out to process paperwork and give the attention to detail that administrative work requires. List all of your administrative skills including filing, operating office equipment, phone monitoring and clerical work. It makes your skills seem more broad when you can add the ability to function well in an office setting.
  5. Team building skills. In order to run smoothly, a work team sometimes needs a facilitator other than the departmental manager. Skills such as ability to organize work groups, ability to keep multiple sets of documents organized, ability to organize internal and external employee functions and the ability to mediate group discussions are valuable skills for companies interested in improving their teamwork atmosphere.
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