Skin Rashes That Itch

Instead of staying inside this summer, learn what to do about skin rashes that itch. Sometimes a simple cream is all that it takes to clear something simple up so you can go outside looking like a million bucks. Other times, a doctor’s treatment may be in order, saving you from wasting money on useless creams and concoctions.

  1. Ringworm isn’t the end of the world. This is a fungus known as Tinea. The round, reddened and raised “ring” created by the fungus, characterizes it. The round skin rash itches intensely.
  2. Hives are annoying, but not fatal. Hives are usually a histamine reaction to something irritating in the air, grass, water, etc. Sometimes the skin rash will last a few hours, sometimes longer. Usually an over the counter anti-itch cream will take care of it.
  3. Eczema looks far worse than it is, unless you have it. Drier than normal skin, hypersensitive to substances in the environment causes extreme itching, and scratching damages the skin. This needs a doctor’s care and management.
  4. Scabies is caused by a mite burrowing under the skin. The condition is highly contagious, leading to a stigma for the sufferers. With prescription lotions, the mite is killed and the rash clears up. The itch is intense.
  5. The well-known childhood ailment, chickenpox. Nope, it’s not caused by chickens. It’s caused by the varicella virus. Red rash, red pustules and a maddening itch accompany it. Most children contract it and suffer through its effects until the body rids itself of the virus. In adults, it can cause extreme health issues.
  6. Psoriasis is caused by an immune cell problem. The immune cells attack the skin, causing itching, thick silvery scales, and a very painful rash. Currently incurable, a doctor’s care can help the patient manage the condition and live a happy life.
  7. Poison ivy rashes have ruined many a happy summer. This skin rash is caused by an extreme histamine reaction to contact with the plant. Even dead plant leaves cause the rash and itch anywhere it touches the body, and I do mean anywhere. Bring TP when camping.
  8. Shingles is a painful condition that can come back after treatment. The skin rash covers half the body, causing a non-stop itch. New evidence suggests that a single attack isn’t all there is- it comes back in the person’s lifetime.
  9. Pityriasis Rosea is common, and lasts a few weeks. That’s little consolation to someone who’s skin is covered by a rash and itching to boot. The round spots start on the trunk, cover the abdomen, chest, arms and legs, but not the face. It goes away by itself after a few weeks.
  10. Poison oak is another common skin rash that itches to distraction. Caused by contact with the caustic plant, the skin turns red, develops bumps, blisters and has an itch that won’t quit. Sometimes over the counter creams take care of it, sometimes a doctor needs to step in. Again, take TP on camping trips- this plant affects everything it comes in contact with.
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