Skinny Vs Curvy

The subject of skinny vs curvy women has been a hotly debated topic among men for about as long as humans have walked the Earth. The problem is that every person has certain subjective tastes clouding up their opinion. It’s no fault of their own, as guys can’t very much help what they find attractive. But the key to finally ending the skinny vs curvy debate is to first, stop drooling over voluptuous or thin women, and then look at the matter in an objective, almost scientific way.

  1. In round one of the skinny vs curvy showdown, brains trump beauty. Though all guys know this isn’t how it happens in real life, it’s still an important parameter to investigate. Research conducted by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh indicates that a higher hip circumference is positively correlated with higher test scores. So that settles that. If you’re into deep conversations and a partner who’s your intellectual equal, hope you like women with a little meat on their bones.
  2. Round two in the skinny vs curvy debate is all about earnings. No matter what body type a woman has, being self-assured and successful in the workplace is almost universally attractive. In this arena, it’s skinny women who have the advantage. Reports from the Wall Street Journal show that thin ladies earn more than regular sized women. The difference is no small potatoes, either. On average, they rake in over $15,000 more than women of a higher weight annually. Whether you’re attracted to success or just want a sugar mama, it seems thin is in.
  3. All tied up at round three, so what about genetics? Naturally, it’s in a father’s best interest to have smart kids. Not only are they better behaved at a young age, they’re also more likely to be able to take care of your old butt down the road. Believe it or not, your preference in skinny vs curvy might affect your kids’ smarts. Some researchers hypothesize that a little bit of extra fat may foster brain development in their children.
  4. In round four, the thin women stage a comeback. According to a 2006 study in the Journal of Consumer Research, it has been shown that moderately heavy models can actually depress a woman’s self esteem. Thin models, meanwhile, don’t seem to have the same effect. As weird as it might sound, having a thin woman on your arm at an upcoming social outing might actually boost the mood of those around you. 
  5. In round five, it’s realized that trying to compare skinny vs curvy women objectively is useless. Even after all the effort and scientific argument put into the debate, it’s clear that the only real difference between thin and voluptuous women is in the eye of the beholder. Personal preference is all that matters in regards to the opposite sex, so stop worrying about it and date who you like. 
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