Skydiving Equipment Essentials For Beginners

Whether you are a beginner or someone who has been skydiving for years you are going to need to know the skydiving equipment essentials for beginners. For those who have been skydiving for years, you should brush up on your skydiving equipment essentials for beginners to make sure you land safe. 

  1. Automatic Activation Device. The automatic activation device is also called AAD for short. What this device does is it opens up the main or reserve parachute in case you panick, forget, or are not able to open the parachute.
  2. Reserve Static Line (RSL). The second skydiving equipment essentials for beginners is the reserve static line. It is also called RSL. What this device does is activate the reserve parachute if the main one does not work.
  3. Helmets. Like most extreme sports you need to wear a helmet. Some of you might be thinking well if you fall flat on your face what use is a helmet going to do. That is true but what if you have a rough landing and fall and hit your head? Trust us when we say this you need to wear your helmet.
  4. Goggles. When you are skydiving you are falling at over 100 miles per hour. You need these goggles to protect your eyes.
  5. Jumpsuits. The final skydiving equipment essential for beginners is the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits give you a little bit of control while you are free falling and some of them make you fall faster or slower.
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