Skydiving Games

If you’re a fan of Flash games, you’ll love these skydiving games that have become popular. Even if you can’t get the same thrill in real life, you can jump out of airplanes and aim for targets during your descent anytime you’re on the internet. The best part, of course, is all these games are available for free on games sites.

  1. "Sky Diver" Not a fan of hurdling through space? Tip toe among clouds instead in this unique skydiving game. You’ll jump from cloud to cloud and catch bonuses along the way until you have made it all the way down on the ground. This game has great graphics and puts a new spin on the usual click and jump skydiving game.
  2. "20,000 Feet and Falling" In this game you view yourself from above, floating in-between clouds in a blue jumpsuit. The point of the game is to match the skydiving pattern displayed at the beginning of each level by maneuvering your way into position to match the rest of your team.
  3. "Air Drop" This game doesn’t have the most refined graphics, but the game is quite unique compared to other skydiving games. The game is played entirely during your initial free fall and you must steer your way with your mouse through all sorts of mazes and tricky tunnels. Every moment you are in free fall, you gain points; every time you run into a wall, you lose points.
  4. "Sky Diver Match" Who knew a skydiving game could involve blood and guts? This Flash game sends you into a frightening descent while seagulls try to attack you and your parachute. Getting hit by one of the feisty birds will literally cost you an arm or a leg until the point that you simply fall out of the sky.
  5. "Parajumper" This Flash game asks you to release your parachute and then guide yourself with the mouse to the X marked on the ground below you. It is more realistic than other skydiving games because you have to lean into the wind to go the opposite direction just like if you were actually skydiving.
  6. "Sky Dive" It’s not a very unique name, but this Flash game features beautiful graphics and a standard jump and drop game setup. Click to jump from the plane, click again to open your parachute and use the arrow keys to avoid birds and land on the bull’s eye to score.
  7. "Wake Up Call" This isn’t your usual skydiving game. It’s much more relaxing, more artistically focused and has a custom composed soundtrack. In "Wake Up Call," you play a small mouse floating on a leaf, passing butterfly cocoons as you fall. Jump out of your leaf-mobile to help each butterfly hatch as you pass. The more you free, the higher your score.
  8. "Daffy Jump" For fans of the "Looney Toons," this skydiving game is perfect. Help Daffy jump out of an airplane and let his parachute out in time to land in the bull's eye to score big.
  9. "Cooty Wars" While Neopets was originally created for kids, most of its players are older teenagers and adults. This simple game is addicting and cute. Help Neopian creatures leap from above and gradually guide them to the huge bull's eye on the field below.
  10. "Parachute Plunder" Collect balloons, birds and more as you drift through this simple game with your arrow keys. As you collect more points, you grow in size and can capture more and more items.



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