Skydiving Jumpsuits For Men

Skydiving jumpsuits for men can be easily found. The challenge is finding the best for the man diving. A lot of skydiving jump suits can be tailored to individual style. The trick is knowing which jumpsuit will be best for you.

  1. Deepseed FreeFly Suit. This suit is all around one of the best suits you can ask for. They are made with only the strongest Nylon bonded threads, and they also feature the autolock zippers from YKK. The zipper protector now comes standard on all jump suits as well! They also boast the new Grunt Machine fabric. This is extremely hard to tear up and, lucky enough for guys, it's fade resistant. These suits are built tough and the knee and buttpads are there to prove it because they are made with 1000 Denier Cordura.
  2. Multispeed Suit. This skydiving suit is perfect for minimizing the skydiving wardrobe. It comes with drag panels that unzip on the arms and legs. Men can wear this suit whether they are comera diving, tandem diving, or just go for a group dive. Whatever the occasion calls for, this suit is perfect for it.
  3. Bev Competition Skydiving Suit. This skydiving suit is great if you are mostly "belly diving." It features arm and leg grippers which is wonderful for group formations of men during competitions. They can come well fitted, which compromises the layers you wear underneath. However, most men have them made to fit an extra layer of clothing underneath. This will vary from person to person.
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