Skype On Ipod Touch

One of the cool things about Skype is you can now Skype on the iPod Touch. You do not have to purchase an iPhone or be on your computer to communicate with other individuals. This almost makes the iPod Touch as useful as a phone. The iPod Touch started off as just a music player, but over the years that title has started to change. It has become much more diverse than a large number of other music players out there. Here are some steps that will help you Skype on the iPod Touch.

To Skype on the iPod Touch, you will need:

  • Skype dowloaded onto your iPod Touch
  • iPod Touch
  • Skype account
  1. Download the Skype app. Go to the App store and enter "Skype" into the seach box. Click on "Buy" to download it onto your iPod Touch.
  2. Click on the Skype app icon on your iPod touch to open it up. Use your Skype username and password to sign into your account. Select a name from your contact list and select either "Chat" or "Video Call" to begin talking to them. The chat option works like instant messaging and the call option actually allows you to speak to them.
  3. In order for you to talk to someone, they have to be online. Check to see if there is a green symbol beside their name before you call them. The green symbol indicates that they are online.
  4. If you want to talk to someone who is not on your contact list, add them. Select the "+" symbol to add them so that you can easily begin communicating with them.

Skype on the iPod Touch is just as similar and easy to use as Skype on a computer. Now you can begin communicating with all your other friends who have Skype.

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