Slalom Water Skis For Men

The best slalom water skis for men capitalize on the popularity of the sport. Water skiing is big business and slalom water skiing is just one of the popular styles. Slalom water skiing is a fun activity that provides a challenge and a great way to spend you on the lake. These five slalom water skis offer the skier a great ski.

  1. Connelly Prophecy Slalom Water Ski The water ski for the professional or avid skier who is serious about his gear. Prophecy by Connelly has a light core, a carbon-based water ski that is the lightest on the slalom market. It will hit the turns with vigor and ease of control. The viper fin system is some of the best control and directional systems ever affixed to a water ski. A masterpiece of a slalom water ski is the Prophecy, one that is durable and ready to meet any water conditions.
  2. Radar Theory Slalom Water Ski 69 A unique design sets this men’s slalom water ski apart from the competition. The wider base and curves present a great stage for managing wakes and turns. The built-in boots are custom-fit for skier comfort. This is a complete ski for the serious slalom water skier. The Theory is ready for whatever is thrown at it and with a talented rider, there is no telling where this ski will take you.
  3. O'Brien Seven Slalom Water Ski Old school style makes a triumphant return in this design. O’Brien has returned to the slalom water skier the most popular design in slalom water skiing. True to form, the Seven rips through the water, mastering wakes, stabilizing speed and agility with a control unlike any other ski. The Seven is a wonderful ski for the slalom water skier that is looking for an affordable top shelf ski.
  4. HO Venture 65" Slalom Water Ski For the intermediate slalom water ski buff looking for a durable and stable water ski, this one is for you. The 65” length is great for mastering the water and providing a stable ski base for the slaloms. The wide toe to sleek heel is designed to cut through the wake and make the turns easier. The Venture offers a great deal of advantages to put the skiers mind at ease and help them concentrate on technique.
  5. Body Glove Rhythm Wide Body Slalom Water Ski The perfect ski for the slalom novice or skier turning to a new style. The Rhythm offers balance and stability on the water. The sleek and narrow design is built to manage the turns. This ski comes complete with built-in boots that lace up for added comfort. A great platform for the beginner, reasonable cost but a quality and durable slalom ski.
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