Slightly Stoopid Lyrics

If you haven't checked out Slightly Stoopid, it is time to listen to their music and check out Slightly Stoopid lyrics. Slightly Stoopid is a Southern California band, originally signed to Skunk Records by Bradley Nowell of Sublime. They have created a symphony of reggae, blues, hip-hop, punk and acoustic rock to titillate your ears.

  1. “Ain't Got A Lot of Money” “And if you don't need me then I don't need you on my mind. And if you don't want me I don't want you on my dime.” This song is about a man who is feeling a little insecure about his girl because he really does love her so much and doesn't want to get played or hurt.
  2. “Couldn't Get High” “And I start drinking wine, I thought pretty soon that I would be felling fine, but no I couldn't get high.” Ever have one of those nights where nothing you do can get you out of a funk and feeling fine? 

  3. “Babylon Is Falling” “People use and abuse this world and I think it's taking it's toll.” The lyrics from Slightly Stoopid are about the changes in our world and how we are moving away from the good.

  4. “Struggler” “Yes I'm a struggler. You know me, never give up. And me no worry If I ain't got much.” "Struggler" is a short song about working hard to get the little joys out of life while realizing the importance of the ones you love.

  5. “Baby I Like it” “Baby won't you tell me what it takes to be your man. Baby won't you tell me what it takes to understand. Now when your body's talking to me girl, you what's on my mind.” If you have ever had a girl that you had to work real hard to get it in with, then these Slightly Stoopid lyrics should hit home.

  6. “Devil's Door” “Say's he's got the kind of things, the kind of things that'll take you far. And all you've got to give, all you go to give is just a little bit of loving girl.” This song is about the the empty promises made to helpless girls to get them sucked into prostitution.

  7. “Sweet Honey” “But won't you tell me that you love is from the heart. Yes the type of loving that can tear a man apart. Girl you got to realize before it ever starts, yes I am the man who won't come breaking your heart.” Slightly Stoopid lyrics show a wide variety of topics in their songs. They have covered everything from sex, drugs, love and even a bit of spirituality. They've got songs for the good days and songs that will relate to your bad days too.

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