Slot Machines: 10 Tips


Have you ever walked into a casino and actually wondered if there are secrets to playing slot machines, ten tips that would allow you to beat the house. There may not be an actual secret, but these ten tips might just help you pick a winning machine. So, read them carefully, and then go try them out.


  • Prove a theory about slots machines for yourself. Make your first slot machine play on the machine closest to the door. They’re usually low denomination ones. It’s been rumored that that machine and a few others around it have been designed to make payouts on the first pull, as this will encourage customers to venture further into the casino. Even if you don’t win, you won’t have lost that much, either, and you can start off on a more relaxed note.

    Take time to read the notices posted on the machine. These give such information as payout amounts and frequency, how much more can be won by playing double or triple coins, and other things that might help you win at slots.

    Play where you’re comfortable. If you like playing quarter slot machines, don’t feel as if you have to play a higher denomination machine.

    Set limits, set limits, set limits. This not only applies to the amount of money you spend, but also to how long you play before taking a break, and how much alcohol (if you drink alcohol) you consume.

    Take frequent breaks. This will not only give you a chance to relax, but will give the machine time to recalibrate. During this down time, take a walk around the casino, check out the other slot machines, and see how other people are faring.

    Join a slots club. Just make sure you choose one with a good cash rebate. Not all casinos offer the same rebates, so do some comparison shopping.

    Stick to one casino. As a member of that casino’s slots club, you will receive other benefits besides higher payouts from the slot machines.

    Be courteous. Even if the machines are close together, try to maintain a distance between yourself and those around you who are playing. Also, don’t curse or make a big deal out of it if you lose. And, if you win big, try to keep your enthusiasm down to acceptable levels. If you simply can’t hold it in, go outside and make some noise, then come back in.

    Participate in tournaments. These not only give you experience at playing slot machines, you might also score some free stuff—including meals, gifts, and anything else the casino might offer to get you to play in a tournament.

    Use your common sense, exercise your willpower, and discipline yourself. Don’t spend more money than you can afford, quit while you are ahead, and above all, play responsibly.

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