Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 Cheats For Ps2

"Smackdown vs Raw" is a professional wrestling video game that was originally created for the Play Station 2 and is a highly popular and critically hailed series. The game was considered as one of the path breaking approaches to modern day wrestling combats and consists of almost all the features of the WWE federation combats. In order to experience an even better gaming scenario, make use of the following "Smackdown Vs Raw" 2010 Cheats for PS2.

  1. The Great One.  This cheat code effectively unlocks the Great Rock known throughout the world as one of the greatest WWE players of all time. You can surely hope to win the championship using the services of Rock.
  1. Suck It! Upon using this code, you can avail of the alternate costume of Triple H, another hugely acclaimed WWE player. However, please note that this code will not enhance the ability of the player in any way and will only cause a change in the costume.
  1. Stone.  Typing the word "Stone" will unlock Ezekiel Jackson. He is a very good player who can easily tilt the scales in favor of the team he plays in. You will benefit a lot by looking to employ him in your side.
  1. ViperRKO.  Typing the cheat code mentioned here, you can change the attire of Randy Orton. This will add spunk to your overall game and combat.
  1. Durability.  Upon using the lockable cheat code, you can unlock the facility of durability of a particular player or a diva that needs to be pre-selected by you. You can get a score of 85 using this code.
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