Smallest Horses In The World

The smallest horses in the world are miniature horses and ponies. Often, they are born too small to nurse from their mothers. Small horses that are not miniatures may simply stop growing for some unknown reason. Here are five of the world’s smallest and most famous horses.

  1. Black Beauty Guinness World Records listed Black Beauty as the world’s smallest horse in 2001. The dwarf miniature horse was born June 1996 in North Carolina. Her owners are Donald and Janet Burleson. Black Beauty was shorter than twelve inches at birth and weighed less than ten pounds. At five years old, she stood 18.5 inches tall and held the record for the world’s smallest horse until 2007.
  2. Thumbelina Thumbelina, born May 2001, is another dwarf miniature horse. Standing 17 inches tall, she replaced Black Beauty in the Guinness World Records as the world’s smallest horse in 2007. Born in Missouri, her owners and handler are Paul and Kay Goessling and Michael Goessling. A loving horse who only wants to be petted, she inspired the Thumbelina Charitable Foundation and the Thumbelina Children’s Tour.
  3. Einstein Einstein is known as the world’s smallest stallion standing at 20 inches. Unlike Black Beauty and Thumbelina, Einstein is not a dwarf miniature. His owner, Dr. Rachel Wagner, says he is just a tiny horse. Born in New Hampshire in April 2010, Einstein celebrated his first birthday with a new children’s book, “A Friend For Einstein: The Smallest Stallion.”
  4. Cuddles Another of the world’s smallest horses, Cuddles also holds several unique distinctions. A 24 inch pygmy pony, Cuddles is the world’s first guide horse. She guides Dan Shaw, who lost his vision to a degenerative eye disease. Cuddles is the first guide horse to travel on an airplane and subway, and the first one to visit the Statue of Liberty.
  5. Lucy Lucy is a tiny Shetland pony weighing about 100 pounds and measuring 19 inches. A true miniature mare, she is Britain’s smallest horse. According her owner, Dr. Sandra Power, the pony stopped growing in 2006 at the age of two. Today lives in a custom-made stable that puts most children’s playhouses to shame.
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