Smoking Models

There's no doubt that in the fashion industry you have smoking models in abundance. By smoking models, it's not meant in the figurative form, such as "smoking hot models," but rather in the literal form as a huge number of professional models smoke tobacco products. Models smoke; it's just a fact of the industry. Whether they do it to keep themselves thin by substituting cigarettes for food or to help pass the time during long photo shoots, the number of models that smoke is so high that it's probably harder to find a model who doesn't smoke than it is to find one who does. Here are some top models that have the habit.

  1. Kate Moss – Kate Moss is the Queen of Smoking Models. This supermodel, who has been a force in the industry for more than fifteen years, seems to live on a diet of cigarettes and champagne. In almost every picture of her taken backstage at a fashion show she will be seen gripping a drink in one hand and a cig in the other. Moss is such an unrepentant smoker that at a recent “No Smoking Day” at her Paris Fashion Week appearance she lit up while sashaying down the catwalk.
  2. Adriana Lima – Lima, the super-sexy Brazilian model best known from her Victoria’s Secret appearances, has been a smoker since she got into the modeling biz when she was barely out of puberty. Known for her fit body and healthy look, it’s doubtful the cigarettes have contributed to that. It has to be genetics. Let's hope this brunette beauty suffers no ill-effects from the habit.
  3. Ana Beatriz Barros – Lima’s fellow Brazilian countrywoman and supermodel, Barros, is also a known smoker. This cover girl, who has been featured on the front of numerous magazines and has also appeared in the “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit issue seven times, isn’t a beanpole, so maybe she just enjoys a good puff now and then. Ana is definitely a smoking model in more ways than one.
  4. Carmen Kass – This Estonian legend of the catwalk is also known to be a copious smoker. Being close to six feet tall and weighing only about 115 pounds in her prime, it’s probably a safe bet to assume that part of Kass’s diet regimen was lighting up and puffing away. Go to the internet and do an image search for something like “Carmen Kass smoking” and you’ll find a large amount of photos showing her witha cig in hand.
  5. Laurel Morgan Jones – This buxom blonde got a start in modeling when she won an online contest for America’s hottest college girl in 2009. Since then her modeling career has taken off. She has also been known to have the occasional smoke in the past, but denies that she does so any longer. A college student whose major is Health Behavior Sciences and who maintains a healthy diet and exercise program, maybe this is one model who has kicked the habit for good.
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