Sniper Shooting Games

Whether you just want to kill time or have a definite liking for sniper shooting games, the Internet is offering a myriad of choices to bring out the shooter in you.  Not only do these games keep your adrenalin pumping, it also tests your reflexes and accuracy at the same time.  With the graphics and effects of today’s computer games becoming more and more crisp, playing sniper shooting games are more exciting than before.

  1. “Sniper Assassin” – If you have the accuracy and wit like that of an assassin, then this sniper shooting game is for you. Your skills will be measured on how many (or in this case, few) bullets you need to take down the target and how crafty you are in doing so. Every time you finish a mission, you are taken to the next level, which gets more and more thrilling and mind stimulating.
  2. “Counter-snipe” – Thinking that sniper shooting games with scopes are a lot easier, think again. In this challenging game of accuracy and quick thinking you will try to find and kill as many enemy soldiers as you can within the time allotted. Depending on how accurate your shot is, you can get more bonus time; so additional challenge is to hit enemy soldiers in the head.
  3. “Target Barbarossa” – One of the more popular sniper shooting games online, this one is set in World War II. It is rather unique in a way that you also aim to earn and unlock different medals and achievements in the process of taking out your targets. Levels start out quite easy so that you’ll have a feel for the game before you dive more deeply into some tension-filled missions.
  4. “Panda-tactical sniper” – Among the online sniper shooting games, this one may be the most out of this world, but your speed, accuracy and creativity are still tested not just by assassinating targets but simply helping a Panda get out. Yeah, the idea for this game may be quite bizarre—saving a Panda as a crime-boss—but the challenges that you have to surpass are definitely not a walk in the park.



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