Soccer Field Construction

Soccer field construction can range from easy to difficult and cheap to expensive depending on the size of the field you want to build and how professional you want it to look. A full size soccer field is going to be much more expensive than a half field, and a field that has been trimmed to look professional will cost much more than one constructed with cones and flags.

  1. When you start your soccer field construction, set a budget and plan to spend about 25% more than you originally expect to. For starters, most soccer fields are about 100 yards long and 60 yards wide. You should mow a field with grass that is about three-quarters of an inch tall and then trim it either with cones or spray paint depending on how you want the field to look. You can cut the dimensions in half if you want to do a half field. You can also use turf for the field.
  2. Part of soccer field construction includes trimming the field. A full size field that is fully decked out needs two soccer goals that are also full size with nets. Each side of the field will need an eighteen yard penalty box, a penalty kicking spot about twelve yards from the goal, and a goal box about six yards from the goal. Furthermore, there will need to be a center circle in the very middle of the field and a midfield line dividing the soccer field in half. You will also need to place flags in each corner of the field from where corner kicks can be taken.
  3. If you want a simpler soccer field construction plan then you can just use cones. The field can be outlined with cones every ten to twenty  yards to represent the boundaries, and you can also make goals on either side of the field with cones as well. Trimming the field is not really necessary with a cone field because you will more than likely pick the cones back up after the game is over, so there is no reason to take the extra time to draw every box that is visible on a professional field.
  4. Soccer field construction can be fun or it can be a chore. When you start your field construction, be sure to remember to plan on spending 25% more than you originally expected, so that if surprises do arise you will still be able to afford it. Take your time and do it right the first time. Your life will be much less aggravating and stressful if you build the field right once and do not have to fix anything.
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