Soccer Field Equipment Essentials

Do you want to learn more about soccer field equipment essentials? A soccer field may seem like just a flat grass surface, but there´s a lot more than that to give shape to a soccer field. Lines must be painted, goals have to be set and flags must be placed to get a soccer field equipped.

The essential equipment for a soccer field is:

  1. A set of two goals. Even though nets for the goals are not strictly necessary, they do form part of the essentials. The dimensions of the goals must be related to the size of the field, but bigger is always better than smaller.
  2. Painted lines. You can use synthetic paint, but lime will make better permanent lines. If the grass is strong, painting the lines with lime several times will take the grass off the lines, thus making them easier to maintain.
  3. Corner flags. Not really important, but quite helpful when it comes to navigate the field at a glance.
  4. Subs benches. They should be enough to accommodate seven to ten substitutes and other team members per side. Some shade will also help to make the games during warm months doable.
  5. A set of cones. Good for training purposes or for dividing the field when playing reduced field games, a good bunch of regular cones will make a good complement to your soccer field. 

Remember to leave some spare space from the sidelines to fences or other obstacles, as players often run away from the field when going for the ball too fast too far. Once you have the field equipped, then you need the most difficult part for completing an actual soccer field: players. But one thing is for sure, with a fully equipped field your chances to gather players increase drastically.




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