Social Media Advertising Techniques

Learn how to promote your company with social media advertising techniques. Social media is amazing new to advertise your business. Hundreds of people use social media every day. With devices that allow consumers to skip commercials television ads are becoming less effective. Using social media for advertising can help fill that gap.

  1. Create an account. The only time you should consider paying to advertise on social media is if you purchase and ad that will appear on all the users pages. For a cheaper way to use social media for advertising you should create accounts on popular social media networks. Most social media networks are free. Some popular ones are Twitter and Facebook.
  2. Build your network with friends. You should try to add people that are in your industry or people that are potential customers.
  3. Careful what you post. Don’t become spam on their social media account by posting too many advertisements. Instead of just posting to go to your webpage or try your product/service, try posting about your company. Some examples of good post are questions about their favorite things, plans for holidays, or other things you can relate to your company to get them thinking about your business.
  4. Give them a reason to stick around. A great way to gain a following on social media is to offer special deals through your page. You can try announcing sales only on social media, offering coupons or other discounts. You can also make important product releases only on social media.



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