Social Problems In America

There are many social problems in America and they will affect someone you know sooner or later. There is hardly a family in America that does not have some sort of social problem. Whether it is spousal abuse, being poor or even discrimination, someone you know will be affected by these social problems at one time in their life.  

  1. Poverty and Welfare. As bankruptcies become more prevalent and foreclosures are on the rise, you will see the poverty level rise also. More and more people will be applying for welfare, food stamps and federal housing also, thus causing social problems in America to rise. Regrettably, some poor people will turn to crime to feed their families and pay their rent.  
  2. Homelessness. Along with poverty, homelessness may occur. There are approximately 700,000 to 1 million homeless people in America every night or approximately 22 out of 10,000 people. The majority of homeless people are men and approximately 45 percent of the homeless live on the street and the remainder lives in shelters or alternative places. Shelters usually only provide a bed at night and the resident must be out by early morning and not be allowed to return to the evening. Homelessness is a social problem of great proportion and one that will cause many Americans to feel hopeless.
  3. Illegal Immigration. Immigration is a hot topic recently due to the new laws being introduced. Hard line laws will cause many to become illegal residents in America. Immigration is a very serious social problem in America and one not easily remedied. Many illegal immigrants have lived in America for many years, have raised families here and have supported their local community. Are illegal immigrants really taking jobs away from other Americans as some have stated or are they simply supporting their families the only way they know how? The government must decide how to handle illegal immigration and whether they deserve a second chance.  
  4. Discrimination. Discrimination should be at the top of the list on social problems in America. There are many types of discrimination from race, creed, gay/lesbian, inter-racial marriages and even people over weight. As much as America  may try to eliminate many social problems, discrimination is seen nationwide. There are many victims of discrimination that become targets of hate crimes and end up dead or harmed in some way.    
  5. Religious Intolerance.  One of the “so called” rights of the American constitution is freedom of religion. There are many types of religions such as: Christians, Catholics, Atheism, Jews, Muslims, Buddhist and more. Religious intolerance is a social problem in America and some will result to violence in protest of another person’s choice of religion.
  6. Drug Traffic and Use. One of the top social problems in America is drug trafficking and use. Drug trafficking is a multi-billion dollar business and one that grows daily. Many movie stars are seen in rehab centers to handle their addictions to drugs and alcohol. People like Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger died from their addiction to pharmaceutical cocktails. Michael Douglas’s oldest son went to jail for selling large amounts of crystal meth. Drug trafficking affects people in all walks of life.
  7. Child and Spousal Abuse. There are many types of violent acts in America and they must include the abuse of the helpless.  Innocent children and weak spouses are abused daily. Although America has set up some social services to report abuse to, many live in fear and thousands of cases go unreported daily. Rape, imprisonment, beatings, malnutrition and starving are just a few of the abuses suffered by the innocent. Abuse is a social problem in America and spousal abuse can be seen in both sexes.
  8. Terrorism and Fear of Terrorism. After 9/11, many Americans live in fear of another terrorism attack. The fear of terrorism may make some Americans prejudicial against Muslims to the point of unfair treatment and abuse. Terrorism comes in many forms and who can forget the “Anthrax” attacks and the bombing in Oklahoma by Timothy McVeigh. Other forms of terrorism can be from serial killers and evil criminals who did some very horrible crimes such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy.
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