Socially Responsible Companies

In today's world, many people strive to be socially concious so it only stands to reason that these people may want to learn about socially responsible companies so they can support these companies and their business. Here is a list of a few socially responsible companies you may not be aware of.

  1. Seventh Generation. Seventh Generation is a manufacturer of cleaning products that are safe and environmentally sound. None of their products contain harmful chemicals such as chlorine or phosphates and their paper products are actually made of recycled material. Their name reflects a motto about how every thing that you do affects the generations after, making them one of the socially responsible companies.
  2. Green Mountain Coffee. Green Mountain Coffee started a campaign called Brewing a Better World. They are the first company that dealed in providing Fair Trade beans and became one of the largest in the world that sells Fair Trade coffee. They also practice responsible energy use, use ecologically sound packing, help reduce solid wastes and contribute to help the countries that sell their beans and help free those people from poverty.
  3. Interface Carpets. Not only does Interface Carpets use all-natural fibers in their product, they also donates carpet to causes such as Habitat for Humanity. Their carpet making process reduces fossil fuels, uses less water and has components that are all natural such as hemp, flax and wool instead of harmful chemicals.
  4. Stonyfield Farms. This company on the socially responsible companies list supplies 10% of its $330 million dollar industry to help the planet. Their grants help from local farmers being able to grow organic products to land preservation such as the PCCC Farmland Trust project.
  5. TOMS Shoes. TOMS shoes founded the Shoes for Tomorrow project where so far over half a million shoes have been donated to children in need in countries such as Argentina. These shoe donations help ward off soil transmitted parasites.

This list is just a sample of the many socially responsible companies that are doing business today. Each one helps in different ways but all of them are pioneers of social responsibility and goodwill, making them well-deserved on the list of socially responsible companies.



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