Sociopathic Symptoms

People with sociopathic symptoms can appear quite normal on the surface. Ted Bundy, the famous serial killer, was a sociopath and people always marveled that he was such a nice guy. The problem with sociopaths is they don’t have a conscience and thereby do not operate by normal social rules. Sociopaths are, without a doubt, extremely dangerous individuals who should be avoided at all costs. 

  1. Flattery and manipulation. Sociopaths can be quite charming and will use flattery to get what they want. They are also consummate watchers of emotion and will carefully keep tabs on how to manipulate you through emotions and vulnerable weak spots. 
  2. No guilt or remorse. Because people that are sociopathic lack any conscience, they basically do what they want. They are not bothered by a sense of guilt or morals, so they take what ever it is they desire. These people show no guilt or remorse regarding their bad behavior or crimes.  
  3. Angry or arrogant. When not using flattery and charm to manipulate others, sociopaths often seem irritated or angry. Appearing quite arrogant, they also believe they are better than others because they don’t operate by societal rules. 
  4. Impulsive behavior. These individuals can act without much planning or thinking. If there’s something they desire, they go for it, often without thinking of the consequences.
  5. Substance abuse. Sociopaths often abuse drugs or alcohol. Some mental health professionals theorize they do so to fill an empty void within. 
  6. Law breakers. These individuals often partake in criminal behavior. This doesn’t just include dealing drugs or petty theft—it also includes white collar crime, such as defrauding clients of millions of dollars in the financial industry. 
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