Solar Powered Cars

The best solar powered cars are constantly evolving into what may be the vehicles of the future. Solar powered cars are traditionally and most simply defined as vehicles that run on power from the sun. However, they are most recently being combined with electric motors so automobile can run on a combination of solar and electric power. These types of vehicles have a bright future as a cleaner and more efficient way to power our transportation needs.

  1. Mitsubishi i MiEV sport This concept car by Mitsubishi is most similar in appearance to a VW bug but with an entirely different fuel source. The vehicle is battery powered, which is partially charged by solar panels on the roof. The car can travel at speeds up to 111 miles per hour and a distance of approximately 125 miles before it needs a charge.
  2. Honda 124 Concept This hybrid vehicle designed by Honda is being slated as the commuter car of the future. It has a very futuristic design and looks more like a spaceship than a traditional automobile. Using solar power, it will be a very “green” transportation method. Don’t get too excited though, with hopes to use Artificial Intelligence to run the vehicle, it may be many years before this model rules the road.
  3. Freedrive Solar Bug This is another model that highlights solar panels on its roof. It currently has a 60 mile capacity and gets over a fourth of that energy from the 200 watts of solar panels overhead. This vehicle has an innovative design with the hopes of producing an affordable solar panel vehicle that can be introduced to the market in the near future.
  4. Venturi Eclectic This solar powered model can comfortable seat three people. It has a roof lined with solar panels, which helps produce enough energy to travel five miles at 35 per hour. Another unique feature to this vehicle is the wind turbine attached to the roof, which can fuel that car for a trip twice as long.
  5. Verdier Solar Camper Van This creative design is very reminiscent of the VW buses from the '60s and '70s and with its new clean energy source it is sure to have the hippies beaming. Like many of the other models it collects sun light through solar panels which in turn power the vehicle. What makes this vehicle different is that it also has a cooking range, Wi-Fi capabilitiesand GPS technology. With an estimated price tag of $129,000, it may be awhile though before you save up enough to buy it.      
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