Soldier Of Fortune 2 Cheats

Even the most realistic war games are known for having even the most basic cheat codes, but some of the Soldier of Fortune 2 cheats may surprise some players. There are several unique cheats to give your soldier an added edge in combat. Cheat codes, including activation code, can be included in the console screen by pressing "shift+~" (tilde key).

  1. Activated cheat code use. To use cheat codes in Soldier of Fortune 2, players must first type "setrandom sv_cheats 1'' into the console. This will have to be completed each time the game has started. 
  2. Carry a weapon stockpile. Have a gun, or two, for every situation in Soldier of Fortune 2. Type "give all" into the console to give yourself every weapon in the game. 
  3. Become a master of munitions. There's nothing worse than having a nice gown with no bullets. Solve that problem by typing "give ammo" and refilling your ammo. 
  4. Become the world's greatest medic. Type "give health" to get back in the fray of Soldier of Fortune 2. This cheat restores your health to full and gets you back in the fight. 
  5. Become a marathon soldier. Sprinting in Soldier of Fortune 2 takes away stamina, but take away the problem for good by typing "nofatigue". This cheat gives the player unlimited stamina and removes fatigue. 
  6. Walk through walls. Surprise even the most suspicious soldier by typing "no clip". This sheet allows you to walk through any walls, objects, and players in the game. However, enemies will be quick to remind you that you can still be shot.
  7. Never die again. Remove the sting of death by activating invincibility. Type "god" to never take damage again in Soldier of Fortune 2. Until you restart the game that is. 
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