Soldier Of Fortune 2 Mods

The Soldier of Fortune 2 mods take the intense military action against germ warfare with John Mullins and Madeline Taylor to the next level. Soldier of Fortune 2 uses the GHOUL 2.0 engine to showcase the intense violence and the mods take those enhancements to the extreme. The battles in the normal game of Soldier of Fortune 2 provide gamers with weapons and strategy. The mods take those elements and improve upon the furious gameplay. Everything great about the game Soldier of Fortune 2 is made anew through the mods created by the fans who love the game so much. The mods for Soldier of Fortune 2 give gamers another reason to go back and face off for ultimate victory.

  1. Extreme Gore Mod. The GHOUL 2.0 shows realistic damage caused by the weapons gamers wield to dispatch foes in Soldier of Fortune 2. This mod takes the violence to a ridiculous level, as blood splatters all over the walls and hallways in each level.
  2. Raver Weapons Mod. The weapons are the tools of the trade for mercenary John Mullins who plows through in order to save the day. The mod enhances every weapon's fire rate, accuracy and damage to give gamers a smoother, better ride through Soldier of Fortune 2.
  3. Goldrush Mod. Fans usually want more bang for their buck in Soldier of Fortune 2. This mod adds more maps, game types, and features like strafe jumping and speed scaling. 
  4. GT3. Many gamers can play multiplayer online in a team to take out the enemies in the maps designated for such gameplay in Soldier of Fortune 2. This mod helps gamers play multiplayer up to three whole teams, and gamers can fight it out in single player maps as well!
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