Soldier Of Fortune 2 Server: How To Add Bots

Adding a bot to Soldier Of Fortune 2 on your PC is a great way to enhance your game play. It is also really quite simple when you get down to it. Just follow these steps to get your bot up and running.

  1. Find the bot you want to add online. There are a lot of different sites that you can download a bot from, depending on what you want in a bot. Use a web search engine to find one, if you do not already have a bot in mind. Once you have found the bot that you want download the way you would any other file. Be sure they are for Soldier Of Fortune 2 on your PC before you download.
  2. Extract the bot files on your desktop. If you do not want to use your desktop, you can use any location that will be easy for you to find. You do not want to  have to search for your bots files.
  3. Move the bot into the files for Soldier Of Fortune 2. This means moving the bot into the folder with the program file on your computer. You will find this folder in your 'Programs' folder. In most versions of Windows, this will be inside the C drive.

There you have it. Your bot should be up and running the next time that you boot the game. There is no console code to active it, as it should now become part of running Soldier Of Fortune 2 on your PC.

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