Soldier Of Fortune Mods

The first "Soldier of Fortune" game was not designed to allow mods, so sadly, there are only a handful of "Soldier of Fortune" mods. Luckily, even the few select mods can go a long way in extending the life of your copy of "Soldier of Fortune."

  1. Download the eXp mod. The eXp mod can be used in any "Soldier of Fortune" multiplayer game that has the mod installed on its server. The eXp mod modifies or creates seventeen news maps for the multiplayer game mode. Most of the time, servers with the mod installed will have "eXp" in the name, so if you're looking to test out the mod, look for one of those.
  2. Pick up some new maps via Silver Forces. The Silver Forces mod is arguably the largest mod/map pack for "Soldier of Fortune." The mod includes over 36 maps, including two cooperative maps. Like the eXp mod, these maps are designed to be played online against or with other players.
  3. Bring the game into an entirely new terrain. Mods like the Green Wall feature several single-player and multiplayer levels that provide a whole new area for the game. The Green Wall places your soldier in several missions within the deep foliage of the jungle. It may not feel like a completely new game, but it can certainly be a nice change of pace from the levels in the campaign and multiplayer.
  4. Install the mods. Installing the mods is usually a fairly straightforward and quick process. The mods should be an .exe format, so all you have to do is start the installation and follow the instructions to the end. Just make sure to include the correct file path for you copy of "Soldier of Fortune" when installing!
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