Soldier Of Fortune Payback Cheats For PS3

The "Soldier of Fortune Payback" cheats for the PS3 will help Thomas Mason overcome the difficult odds across the globe from the Middle East to Eastern Europe. "Soldier of Fortune Payback" once again pits PS3 gamers in first person shooter action as they navigate the many levels and cheats will increase their chances of survival. The PS3 cheats for "Soldier of Fortune Payback" gives the edge back to gamers as the battle for revenge rages worldwide after an escort mission gone horribly wrong. Thomas Mason may be a tough as nails mercenary in "Soldier of Fortune Payback," but these cheats for the PS3 can be his saving grace when things get rough. In a world gone mad, there is nothing wrong with using a cheat or two in PS3's "Soldier of Fortune Payback" to the rescue and continue the good fight level after grueling level.

  1. Unlock the ACR-2 Sniper Rifle. Choose the "Start New Game" from the menu and input the cheat: Up, Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Down at the Difficulty Select menu. Now, Thomas Mason can start out his mission of revenge using the unlocked suped up sniper rifle to exterminate the enemy to his ultimate path to glory.
  2. Speed Kills. In "Soldier of Fortune Payback," achieve five enemy kills in five seconds. This action will unlock the achievement "Speed Kills" and reward you with 20 points.
  3. The Real Deal. Complete the entire game without dying either on Normal or Hard difficulty settings in single player campaign. Gamers will get 110 achievement points for surviving the most brutal test of skill.
  4. Soldier of Fortune. Complete the entire game on the hardest difficulty setting in the single player campaign of "Soldier of Fortune Payback." Gamers will gain the highest total of achievement points at 110.
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