Soldier Of Fortune Payback Cheats

The "Soldier of Fortune" series has always been known for having the most essential cheat codes, in addition to some cheats exclusive to each game, but some gamers may not be impressed by the "Soldier of Fortune: Payback" cheats. In a rare departure for the series, players only have one cheat code at their disposal, no matter the console or platform. When entered correctly, the cheat code will give the player an AR-52 sniper rifle.

  1. Start a new game. The lone "Soldier of Fortune: Payback" cheat code is only accessible after selecting the “New Game” option from the single player menu. The cheat code will only work in the single player game mode and is not accessible to those who have already started a new campaign.
  2. Give your soldier an AR-52 sniper rifle. To unlock the AR-52 sniper rifle cheat on "Soldier of Fortune: Payback" press “Up, Up, Down ,Left, Right, Right, Down” from the control pad on your controller or keyboard. No matter if you’re running the game on Xbox, PC, or PlayStation, the cheat code is the same in all three versions of "Soldier of Fortune Payback."
  3. Use the sniper rifle. When "Soldier of Fortune: Payback" is loaded, your character will spawn with the AR-52 sniper rifle. You will have a limited number of bullets with this weapon, so save your bullets wisely until you can find a healthy ammunition pile of sniper bullets. The automatic rifle makes it easy to go through your limited munitions, but the rifle is powerful enough to dispose of enemies with just one shot. Take your time when aiming and, if possible, aim for the head.
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