Soldier Of Fortune Payback Mod

Soldier of Fortune Payback mods come in many different varieties, though their installation and use all follow a standard procedure. Download user mods to add new weapons, new areas, custom modes and other new elements to Activision's shooter. Mods will only work with the PC version of the game; the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions do not include mod support.

  1. Download the mod you wish to use. Save the files to your computer's hard drive. Mods are available from several content hosting websites, including some dedicated to the "Soldier of Fortune" series. SOF Files hosts a large number of mods for "Soldier of Fortune Payback" as well as other games in the franchise.
  2. Extract the mod files. Most mods come packaged in a ZIP, RAR or similar archive format for ease of downloading. Use the Windows compression utility by right clicking the file and selecting "Extract All." Use third party compression programs such as 7-Zip or Zipeg for compatibility with additional archive file formats.
  3. Open the "Soldier of Fortune Payback" installation directory. The default location is the "Program Files\Activision Value\Soldier of Fortune Playback" folder on the hard drive's root directory, though the location will be different if you specified another folder during installation. The game will recognize any mod files placed appropriately in this folder.
  4. Drag the mod files into the installation directory. The files will automatically sort into the correct "Soldier of Fortune" folders. Some mods may be packaged differently, and require dragging each file to a specific location in the directory. See the readme file included with the mod for information specific to that mod.
  5. Start "Soldier of Fortune Payback." The mod files will load with the game. Depending on the mod, they may work automatically or you may need to select a specific map or gametype before playing the mod.
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