Soldier Of Fortune Payback Mods

Looking for “Soldier Of Fortune Payback” mods is an excellent way to try and spruce up this somewhat lackluster title. Yes the super gory ultraviolence is still in effect but this third release lacks some of the polish, intrigue and hooks from the first two games. “Soldier Of Fortune Payback” has some sort of token plot about a tough guy mercenary getting double crossed and then he goes out and…well, you get the picture. Not a very in depth story but luckily mods can make everything better, brighter and even more fun.

  1. Where and how. The “Soldier Of Fortune Payback” mods are easily found online. Just use the mod names provided below or check out the fan generated site SOFFILES which is easily the biggest resource available. Most of the mods come with installers which makes life easy. If not, you will have to read the instructions to see which files to replace. The one thing you should definitely have before you try to install these mods is the “Soldier Of Fortune Payback” 1.1 patch. Newer releases will already have it but if you own an older copy you will have to go to the official “Soldier Of Fortune Payback” site and download it.  
  2. New game types. There are plenty of mini game “Soldier Of Fortune Payback” mods available for download. These add a little lift to the title. A fun one you can play with your friends is the 'Kill the Man With the Ball' mod. You can guess the premise. One guy is “it” and everyone tries to get him. Another cool mod to try is the classic 'Assassination' mod. It is another protect the VIP mini game but very well executed. Get it?
  3. Just being weird. The heavy emphasis on violence in the game is what inspires many of the “Soldier Of Fortune Payback” mods like for example, the 'Bloody Chunks' mod. This mod adds nothing new to the game play but has increased the violence ten fold. Like spurting Monty Python type blood fountains, limbs getting blown off and of course, exploding heads. Another odd one is the Guinness Console mod. Rather than the standard status meters it uses pints of Guinness.
  4. Weapons. A majority of the “Soldier Of Fortune Payback” mods are weapon enhancements. A quick search will yield a bunch of files from programmers who are also gun nuts. One of the most fun mods is Black Scorpion's Sig 551 Weapon. It very nicely rendered with loving care. Most gamers choose gun packs though and the Fire Weapons 1.6 mod pack comes with a nice variety of death to add to your arsenal like a micro Uzi or a lightsaber knife.


  • Always back up the original files or ye shall suffer the wrath of buggy mod installations.       
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