Solo Wrestling Drills

While wrestling is a contact sport, solo wrestling drills can help you strengthen your weaknesses and perfect your form. Proper form is essential to effectively use wrestling moves during a competition. When you take the time to work on form and solo drills, you will become a better wrestler.

  1. Standard Square Wrestler's Stance. Start with feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees until your forearms are resting on your thighs. Keep your back straight, butt down and head up. Evenly distribute your weight on both feet. Once you're comfortable in your position, bring your hands out in front of you. Your palms should be facing up or your hands should have the shape of holding a ball. Never have your palms down.
  2. Duckwalk. Practice dropping your lead knee (start with which ever knee you want and then switch practicing the other side) so this becomes second nature. Once you can do this under pressure without thinking about it, your moves will be smoother and more direct. 
  3. Stance Shifting. Get into a standard square wrestler's stance and practice moving forward, backward, right, left and on the diagonal while staying in the wrestler's stance. This helps you shift through moves quickly and create a better defensive strategy. 
  4. Double Leg Takedown. A double leg takedown is similar to a single leg only you grab both of your opponent's legs in a low stance and take him to the ground. Keep your chest close to your opponent. You can force your opponent to the ground using your shoulder to push on his body while pulling his legs out from under them. Focus on your head and hand positions. Alternate your hand placement to practice the high crotch move. 
  5. Single Leg Takedown. A single leg takedown (or single leg) is the act of grabbing one of your opponent's legs with both hands and using the low position to take him to the ground. Practice the move as you would with partner grappling, but by mimicking the form of one person and then the other. This gives you practice in both positions and the opportunity to perfect the form.
  6. Sitouts. This may seem strange, but it's also important to work on clearing your head. That way when you're on your sitouts you can think about and plan your next match.
  7. Stand-Ups. To use explosive stand-ups, clear your hand and lean back. Start from a sitting position and stand up as quickly and explosively as possible. Add a jump for optimal results. Do this a few times and you will start to see where your form may be weak.

Not only can these solo wrestling drills help you perfect form and practice for competitions, it also can help you work in some simple cardio when you add in speed work. 

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