Songs About Best Friends

While there are a lot of songs about boyfriends and girlfriends, there are fewer songs about best friends. Friendship, as a bond, doesn't tend to be as volatile as love, so that could be the reason why there aren't as many songs about best friends, but what ones that there are tend to come from punk rock and hardcore, with a few exceptions. In hardcore especially, the bond of brotherhood among male friends is an important theme. Here are some hardcore songs about best friends.

  1. "Thicker Than Water" by H2O. H2O is a popular hardcore punk band from New York who have gained a huge following worldwide by taking the energy of punk rock and marrying it to sing-along pop hooks. One of their signature sing-alongs is "Thicker Than Water," the title track from their second album, which equates friendship in the hardcore scene to the blood bonds of family. It is one of many songs about best friends in the H2O canon, probably their best.
  2. "Friend" by Marginal Man. Marginal Man, from Washington, DC, were one of the first bands from that scene to play melodic hardcore in the mid-1980s. Their most enduring song, covered by many bands including the aforementioned H2O, is "Friend," an ode to a devoted pal. Some might find this very sincere song cheesy, but it is one of the best hardcore punk songs about best friends.
  3. "Tonight" by Reach the Sky. This is both a love song and a song about best friends. A melodic hardcore outfit from Boston, Reach the Sky made blistering, catchy music in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Their best song is this example of songs about best friends, a breakup song that has more to it than the typical love lost song, as the narrator loses his best friend as well as the love of his life.
  4. "My Best Friend's Girl" by the Cars. The final tune on our list of songs about best friends is not a hardcore song, but it is a punky new wave number that was a major hit for Ric Ocasek's Cars. The singer is unhappy that his best friend's girl used to be his, but the song is bittersweet; he's happy for his friend even though he himself is miserable. It's a twist on songs about best friends to close our our list.
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