Songs About Dreams

There are lots of songs about dreams out there. Dreams inspire and entertain us; they sometimes scare us. They can lead the way. Whether you are dreaming about someone or making a list of dreams for your life, there's a song to help set the mood. Here are some of the greatest songs about dreams that have been recorded.

  1. "Magic"- This song by Olivia Newton-John is ethereal and haunting in a good way. The melody and lyrics are strong as Olivia sings as the voice of a muse or comforter, promising that your dreams will come true. 
  2. "Dreaming of You"- Pop star Selena had a hit with this song of joy and elation. It captures that feeling of new love, when you miss someone and dream about them, even if they're just a couple of minutes away. 
  3. "All I Have to Do is Dream"- If you don't know the song by its title, you probably will from a five-second clip of the song. This tune performed by the Everly Brothers is a classic. It has such lyrics as, "I need you so that I could die. I love you so, and that is why…Whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream."
  4. "Daydream Believer"-The Monkees recorded this ditty decades ago, but it's still beloved and frequently played around the world. The lyrics and music flow perfectly in this song about wonder and magic in the world and, of course, daydreams. Many artists have covered it, but The Monkees version remains the go-to version. 
  5. "In My Dreams"-The 1990s band, The Party, recorded this song to great initial success among fans. The band originated from The Disney Channel's, "MMC," a show that gave a lot of star—-like Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling, and Keri Russell—their starts. This song is about the longing of a past love and how that can be re-visited in one's dreams as being "still the same." 
  6. "Dreams Will Come"- Irish musician Paul Brady sings this heartfelt tune about the state of mind when you have faith that all your dreams will come. During the song, the singer sets out for you the wonders that are yet to come. It was featured in an episode of "The Young and the Restless" as the song for a montage of clips of beloved characters Cricket and Danny, and it became a hit in several places around the globe.
  7. "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"- This song from British pop band, The Eurythmics, remains an enduring classic. It was a hit upon its initial release as well. The song has an edge and will probably stay stuck in your head for someone time. Luckily, that's a good thing, as it's a great rock song.
  8. "Only in My Dreams"-  Debbie Gibson rocked out to this song in the 1980s, and America rocked right along with her. As you might expect from a teen pop star, the song is a light-hearted homage to dreams and love. 
  9. "Just A Dream"- Madonna sings this song about coping with love and dreams of love. It was recorded with the "Like A Prayer" sessions, but it was left off the album. It has since been leaked, and it's a popular hit online. 
  10. "Xanadu"-This song is from the movie of the same name. It celebrates dreaming and the magic of a dream come true. As its lyrics state, "The dream that came through a million years, that live on through all the tears, it came to Xanadu." 
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