Songs About Suicide

Songs about suicide are usually very painful and hard to listen to. However, songs about suicide can be very therapeutic as well as a beautiful tribute as a person who has passed on.

  1. "Mad World" This song is a famous suicide song when it was featured in the movie "Donnie Darko". The song was originally recorded in 1982 by the band "Tears for Fears". The song was popular at the time of its release in the UK. The song became famous again when it was re-recorded as a slow song for the movie "Donnie Darko". The new, slower version makes the song a painful tribute to a teenagers pain.
  2. "Stole" This song about suicide was sang by pop star Kelly Rowland. The song was about three teenagers who's lives were lost over tragic incidents. One of the deaths in the song is about a young man who was bullied. When the teen could not take the bullying anymore the teenager killed himself in the high school bathroom. Even though the song is sang at medium tempo the song is still really touching and written extremely well.
  3. "I think I'm going to Kill Myself" This song (believe it or not) is a parody of a teenagers thoughts about suicide. The song was sung by Elton John. The song starts out serious and the song seems like it is going to be about a teenager who is really considering suicide. As the song goes on the teenager begins to complain about not driving the family car and you realize that the song is just a parody. Some would find the song funny and some would find the song offensive to teenagers with real problems.
  4. "You Found Me" This song stayed on the charts for a very long time. The song talks about a man who is considering suicide because he is experiencing tragedy after tragedy. The man sees God on a street corner and decides to have words with him about the way his life is going.
  5. "Who Knew" This dramatic (and painful ) song sang by Pink is about a teen who commits suicide while taking drugs. The song is sang by a friend of the dead teen who reminisces about their great times together.

While these songs are very painful to listen to they remind us that we need to listen to people who are need of our help emotionally.

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